Rad Rabbit Raid 3

The team having meet up at the back of the large house examines it’s way out. After looking into the door more Oregano realizes he’s seen these kind of these special latches. The rust of the buns examine about the area, trying to figure out how to get through the small crack in the wall. HeyYou spends this time licking about the crack, only to discover it’s horribly tasting, acrid to the tongue.

Oregano tries to talk otu all out solutions with the buns, putting together a plan. All the while 2 steps back slowly, sizing up the bar and the door. He then charges at the door like he is trying to take down a dog. He flies at the door with his leap, he hit the door with an epic slam and rattle, his momentum carrying him upward in a sort of wall jump. He slams head first into this bar and it jumps and leaps. The walls shake heavily and suddenly the wall waves agap.

Two realizes his new Aspect “My butt is two big”, his ability to both throw his weight around when it’s needed at the cost of that big bun rump

Haven broken free the buns survey their landscape. They come out in a clear sunny day. There is definitely humans in the air though. The buns realize they are back to the back side of the large red house. Oregano convinces the team it’s time to head home before it gets to dark now, return the food to the king and then recoup (with his berries).

The buns quickly realize through that the gate is closed again. With a good twist and kick Oregano gives a good kick and pops the gate into the garden so the buns are easily able to slide into the garden. They find that there is a new human in the garden, and this one is not still, but moving and diggign about the plants. There is no mistaking it’s the real deal. It’s not so big that they cover the garden but it quickly is apparent the only way though will be through the berry section where they ran into the crows earlier.

Oregano pulls the team together. There is a human over there… but we can’t go all around through the berry patch because of reasons. He hatches a plan to have HeyYou sneak past the human and distract it from the back, have it turn away so that Mint can turn again, then Two and Oregano can slip by in the confusion. Two however just wants to take the easy way through the berry patch. HeyYou just wants to stick with Oregano. The team debates on, Two about to wander off and HeyYou deciding to just do Oregano’s idea.

At this point Mint is tired of being ignored when she is trying to explain her plan. She flies into a puffed furred tantrum of “you will pay attention to me”. She barks out her orders with fiery command. HeyYou and Two are going through the berries and Oregano will tail behind her, she is distracting the human and as soon as she does Oregano slips past the human. The other rabbits all cower for a moment and nod, following all orders. Mint doesn’t really wait for them and starts hop stomping right up to the human, all flustered and puffed out, her grumpy bun face on max. She marches right up to the towering human and them pauses, remembering her own plan to distract and then gazes up at the titan of a human.

The human makes the oddest of sound, almost bedazzled. It moves slowly, or so slowly putting down it’s weird implement. With an eerie slowness the human lurches down over mint and carefully scoops up Mint while the doe challenges the human. In a moment suddenly Mint is hoisted up in the air, enwrapt in the limbs of the huge human. Mint while surrounded in the warm embrace adn the scent of freshly tilled plants and soil takes a melm, tasting at the human. Mint’s legs are hanging and ears twitching from the enormous embrace of the pred.

With a gasp of shock both Two and Oregano at the same time and from separate angles (two managed to make it mostly around in his haste to get away from angry mint) decide to charge down the human and save their friend and teammate from being completely devoured. They leap and charge down the human at the same time, running down a pincher. The human is oblivious of as the rabbit’s slide through the rush like raptors. Two catches the human in the back of it’s lower limbs with a flying bun-fu kick which manages to cause it’s visage to lurch forward just a bit. He follows up using his initiative to bite into the back of it’s feet, working to sink sharp teeth but finding the hide of human far far tougher than expected, almost like a live root. Oregano catches the beast just after Two right in belly area. It makes a gasped cry out, the shocked wail of a human in straits. It takes it’s hand and strokes and paws all over Mint’s head, pushing her ears back before it wobbles and lifts it’s “injured” foot Two is biting on while looking at Oregano. There is a pause, the last gasps of a assaulted human as it teeters down like it is about to go to all fours and releases Mint to Oregano. It makes the odd “frightened” sound of a human cornered by strong bunnies.

The Human however produces a new odd human device, waving it about at you three as it struggles to stay alive. Two however decides to show compassion to the cornered human, sparing it’s life and using the time to hop back toward the back where the original dug hole was; the rest to follow. It gives chase with it’s device, seeking revenge. However Two is unwilling to give it a second chance, running about mind and in front of the human to give it a warning. It makes odd moves and sounds but seems to know it will not grab at anyone.

Oregano has second thoughts about those berries, they just smell good and he is so stressed out. Two is having none of anyone anymore, catching Oregano in a bun carry move and hauling his complaining flufftail back to the hole and pushing him through after Mint. HeyYou grabs up himself a few berries and then give chase to Two right after Two reminds him;

“Three minutes.”

They look out to the clearing at noon, the river flowing and less animals about; bags full of food (HeyYou also having berries and carrot)