Rad Rabbit Raid Planning Session

Started with grilling, about 35-45 minutes

Did the TableTop RPG getting to know you game for everyone. One of the most notable aspects is that a 2-3 out of 5 on the campaign length scale is there. Not a lot of overlap, most people with a handful of experience playing. Also people want more on the storytelling and RP than system.

We discussed system sand play and have decided to play B&B on fate. D.O.S. SKWRL will need to do needed conversions and notes for things this week.

The game is Bunny & Burrows. The setting is where nearby to the warren has been an old farmhouse for as long as just about anyone remembers. Recently there has been strange activity inside it and spring has come and there is all sorts of amazing foods! However a few of the hoplite teams sent out for food have gone missing! The king is getting desperate. He doesn’t want to send the main Warren Watch team to maintain power during a worrysome time so he sends the B-Team, the best of the best of what he has left outside his guard.

We started the awesomeness that is the character building, but with the wrong cards which made DOS look dumb.