Rad Rabbit Raid 1

Hey you, Two, Oregano, & Mint all are called into the King’s chamber. flanked by guards

Many bunnies have been sent out for food and we have not been back for many days, not a moon. I need you to find out what happened to them and find a new stash of food.

Why are we here? asks Hey you.

The king asks Two to remind him what he just said until they leave the chamber. After a quick exchange the King throws them all out in a bout of fustration.

Mint takes the lead and guides the buns out to the river. At early in the morning they all grab some grass and water along the river.

Mint knows one of the Elk getting water. He lets her know there has been a lot of rabbits underfoot and around by the big red, expecially by the new fence.

Hey You take a wander, walking right towards the big red and new fence. Away from the river anzd sun he finds food and humans stuff, a big fence, recengtly reinforced.

Hey you doubles back to grab the party and they all take to the fence with a any bunny fence, but after some investigation finds a weasle hole. Two was able to dig his way down through.

A farmland garden of food! Rows and rows of different greens! However Oregano also find berries! He makes a hard left and runs himself to berry bushes and some grapes. The only problem is crows are starting a ruckus. Oragano and Two head over and are cut off by three agressive blackbirds saying some angry things you can’t say. It’s a turf war.

Oregano is having a struggle of will, he wants those beries bit not this fight. He has a self check and is helped by mint who cuffes him to get him with his ears on straiught they decide to double back.

Looking out to the big red they all notice a Human towering between them and the big red. No one smells humans but they sure do see it. Hey You takes a dodge through the gardens and fails, taking a huge tumble and lands on his butt right in front of the human! However the bird smelling human just looms over him. He attacks it with a solid kick but it just shakes. Mint figures this is a human doll like the mendicine dolls she makes for kits.

They look forward and find rabbit tracks going twards the big red now. THey cross the garden without event but find food. Hey You also stashes some food in his bag.

Wow the big red is… HUGE. It’s bigger and brighter than anything they have ever seen. Oraganao suddenly realizes… it’s a HOOSE! It’s where humans are! It’s a human warren.

The sun comes up more and the wind shifts. Suddenly from the area there is all the grass, food, in the world. It’s so strong. There is also some cloven animals and some other weird scents, lots of scents.

They head over to the big red hugeness. Attribute “THis isn’t normal”

They fidn there is another fence! wait… there is more of it! Oregano crawls along it but he finds something he knows. a LATCH! He has Two take a leaping kick and manages to pop it! Cracking it open and giving access to the big red.

Downwind there is humans and maybe a dog but the big red is now accessable. Oregano is able to hop about and find’s the biggest entrance ever, it’s like entering a forrest.

With a heavenly sound he finds… ALL THE HAY! All the hay that has ever existed and all the hay that has ever been eaten. All of the food. Attribute: Hay Everywh. It’s an infinite of food.

It’s also very dark for being day. It’s a day with a dark sky.

Oragano goes wanding in the dark now. He’s so distracted by all of the food that he stumbles right onto a horse along the back wall in a weird mini half room. Mint scampers over to yump in. She manages to rappot the horse and he mentions this is his home and he’s waiting for those who care for him. He hasn’t seen any bunnies.

Figuring there is no more answers here they all decide to head out. Hey you goes to the door and takes a deep sniff at the door and then bolts with all he can to the back of the barn chipping out DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG. All while Mint sits and chews her hay.