Spurs Jimmying & Jangling 1

This is an intro/demo scene, setting up the game and intro to combat and mechanics

Last week on Spurs Jimmying & Jangling… boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop.

The three have come down through the North. They find a Sheriff in a small town who is imploring them for help. He knows of a Jet deal about to go down south a bit in a new makeshift bar and he doesn’t want it traveling up through his town. He gives Harriette a marker on her pip boy and offers three nights stay and 300 caps if they can prevent it._

They find a bar, but it’s hidden in plain sight, it’s an old world gas station with some strange markings on the door, supposedly to show what lies inside.

Mr. Barker tries to help himself right inside but the door is locked tight and will not budge. Jeremiah looks to Mr. Barker and gives a solid knock and gruff voice shouts out “Go Away!” Jeremiah gives aloud “No!” in return.

The bouncer opens the door and glances through the party for a few moments and then tells the team that they have to give up their guns. Jeremiah tries to hold out but he can’t keep that shotgun hidden. The bouncer attempts to awkwardly pat down Mr Barker as well. Harriette however manages to hide out her pistol from the guard and slips back behind Mr. Basil when the bouncer helps himself to a grope of her bottom.

Inside the bar looks shockingly like an old western style bar. There is five large table, in a spread X. The back area has a very long cobbled together bar which has two ten large tenders, one of them a bit twitchy. Scanning the patrons the party notes there is about 12 people in the bar, most tables has a few peoples talking or playing caravan but there is one empty table and the furthest table has one lonely guy.

Jeremiah helps himself to the empty table from the bar and the team follows. Mr Barker puts eyes on the solo guy, he’s got the junkie twitch. The other tables likely has some merchants and mecinaries at some others. Jeremiah and he goes to saunter up to the bar, and the brute of a bartender who has the nametag “Harley <3” but a lady trying to look like an old salon girl steps in and introduces herself as “Jen”. She walks Jeremiah back tensely and then takes a three beer order, dropping them off, and then putting out her hand with a less than subtile “Two caps a beer, that’s six caps for the beers.”

Mr. Barker takes himself a moment to crack wise with her about how Jeremiah orders drinks for the robot so he can double down and then much like an old midway game reaches into his head chamber and plucks out 10 caps, sliding them into her hand. He turns to her “Listen here, I’m here to represent my bosses interests and solve some problems so I need you to tell me all I need to know about some jet deal.” She smirks and then glances at the one guy sitting alone and then back to Barker a few times. She leans in adn glares into that glass eye and gives him a hushed tone. “Listen, don’t go trashing the place. We like our bar the way it is, in one peace.” She flicks eyes to the lone guy and gives up a second order of beers without a word. Mr. Barker isn’t taking any bit of a shakedown and give her the words, enough so that she turns red and walks back off to do her deal.

Mr Barker nods to Jeremiah “More beer” and JJ decides to start slinging them back. All the while Harriette fidgits with the condensation in on her beer, her presence getting a lot of looks at how shady she appears even in a bar like this.

Two men burst into the bar after a few moments, getting their patdowns and head over to single table with the junkie they got tipped on. Mr Barker calls for ideas and stares at the blank faces of his table. He thinks it out and even does a gut check then decides to go cut a promo on these guys.

All three roll up on the table, Harriette staying a little behind Mr. Barker but Jeremiah takes his beer along with him and flops himself down right in the open fourth seat at the table and looks over the three other people. The other three jump up for a moment but after a bit of a staredown they slowly sit back down as JJ sips his beer. While the guys all stare down JJ, Mr Basil E Barker gives them the razzle dazzle and verbally shakes them down to find out if they have the jet, and let them know they aren’t welcome. All while everyone is dazed and slack jawed at the robot Harriette slides Jeremiah her pistol from her jumpsuit.

“Yea what of it?” Gives the guy sitting across JJ blurts out. Mr Barker throws down the gauntlet hard “Well my friend doesn’t like you here” and Harriette swings on the guy next to her, cold clocking him across his head gear, realizing it made of metal. Jeremiah throws up a knee and slams it into the table to try to upend it, sending all of the beers into the lap of the guy across from JJ. The junkie sitting next to Jeremiah decides to punch him in retaliation in the face.

Harriette takes a solid blow from the guy she punched. Mr Barker decides to call out, turning out to the bar and works a faux securitron bit and goes to calm the bar, and everyone pulls the heat, everyone still tense but no one looking to step in now. Harriette brawls in with the Jerk, the guy who is she toe to toe with while Jeremiah goes to fists with the Junkie. While punches are being thrown the loudmouth sick of being coated with beer tries to take a flying leap at JJ but slips on the beer and comes down hard on the table and goes down to the ground prone. Mr Barker grabs the kicked out chair, swings it up high and crashes it down hard on the loudmouth.

Harriette decides to duck under the table, confusing The Jerk and focuses on her PK Fire. Jeremiah also decides to slam into the Junkie but misses hard, stumbling and hitting into the bar. The junkie grabs up JJ and throws him back into the fray, tossing him into the table. The loudmouth goes to stumble up but Mr Barker slips in and grabs him up, pinning him with those medal pinchers on his wrists. Mr Barker gives the loudmouth some hard words, intimating him hard with his torch.

Before the loudmouth can reply Harriette’s power causes the front of The Jerk’s armor/shirt catches hard fire, colorful flames leaping up. Before anyone can do anything else four shots of 45 ring out enough to make everyone stop and the bouncer announces all you gotta go. JJ tries to take a cheap shot but misses. The twitchy staps back with his hands up and the jerk works to pat himself out and grabs the bottom of a beer and dumps it on his chest to put himself out.

Everyone carefully ambles out at gunpoint. Mr Barker drags the loudmouth out like a doll, taking some time to dog out the bouncer and intimdate him, making him feel like he’s welcome for the cleanup. he give Mr Barker the laser pistol the loudmouth was carrying. The junkie slinks out the door and splits hard, running right out into the wasteland hard.

Mr Barker puts the fear on all of them, Jeremiah and Mr Barker shakes them both down hard with intimidation. Letting the Loudmouth go, Barker lets them know fire accidents can happen. The two remaining guys slip posthaste back behind the bar and slink out of view.

everyone takes a leaping high five. Jet deal broken up.