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The government of the United States of America as a democratically representative republic has been subsumed into The United Corporations of America. Competing corporate interests, cutthroat business tactics motivated by personal gain and power determine the course of what laws there are, and the concept of citizenship falls by the wayside.

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Session 2: 20180322

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The Mission

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Session 3: 20180405

We meet several meters out from the factory to the north

Nikkon asks how it went with Jose, and Rez pulls out a sketched out map of the interior and Jose’s badge. The folks going in side are going to have to make a turn and go up a ladder to get to the control room. Billy, Nikkon, and River have the cutters, and everyone seems to understand the plan.

Toor rasps “It’s Go Time!”, and everyone rushes to work.

Billy, Toor and Nikkon head out to start cutting the cable, and River rushes to the first door, easily welding it shut. He has a little more trouble with the second, and as he’s welding it shut Nikkon and Billy’s cuts set off a large arc of electricity, momentarily stunning the cutting crew. As River finishes the weld on the second door, both bay doors start taking some loud impacts, although he and Rez get to the access door without much incident.

Rez and River sneak through the door, check their surroundings, and sneak down the first hallway. Rez looks back, and barely notices River, who is stealthily covering the rear.

Toor takes the cutter from Billy, who is having some trouble after being stunned by the sparking, and starts cutting.

Billy gets confused, thinking that Rez and River need the explosives inside the factory, so he tries to grab Toor’s bag and run, but stumbles on his way from the cable and Toor.

Inside, Rez turns the first corner, running into a worker, who River notices just in time to slip back out of notice. Rezzie smoothly convinces the worker to badge into the control room and deactivate the robots, citing issues with the bay doors. Rez follows the worker, Marriott, into the control room.

River takes some time to peer about, and it appears that Marriott was the only worker - however, there are some maintenance robots above. There is some rattling in the robot cages, and no other people appear to be around. River determines that there’s nowhere to hide and remain able to notice if/when they come back down from the control room, so he lugs the laser cutter up the stairs. When he gets to the top, he notices Marriott working on a console and Rez supervising.

Back outside, Billy gets knocked to the ground and chewed out by Toor, who pushes him back to work cutting the cable. He cuts at an angle he had determined earlier which might help the sparking, and this cuts the cable entirely. Toor makes an adjustment to something in her bag, and yells for Billy and Nikkon to “Run with everything you got in ya!”

There’s a huge explosion.

Inside, the ground shakes, the lights go out, and the noise in the factory goes to almost nothing. Emergency lighting kicks in, and Rez reassures Marriott that everything’s going to be alright. River knocks on the door to the control room.

Session 4: 20180412