Precursor 1

The team meets up in this flashback when they were first recruited by Nikkon and Toor into the local Low-Tech works together. Nikkon wants to destroy the local power plant to cut off the manufacturing plant to the south of town that is overdrawing on resources and dumping a large amount of pollutants on it’s poor inhabitants.

The team quickly shows worry with this plan and the affect it can have on the locals. After a heavy back and forth they review the local area, what is known of the patrol routes, the maintenance & security bots, and then what tools they have available.

Rezzi really wants to work at attacking the supply routes and maybe even the supply managers but these don’t gain any traction with River or Nikkon, who is all but completely short with Rezzi and his ideas.

River figures he can use the laser cutter/drills they have both as cutters and also wielders to shut down access hatches and buy the team a lot more time.

After a lot of debate Billy drops a plan to destroy the cables bad enough to make the company rethink repairing and bringing the plant online and Nikkon makes some suggestions to the teams and a slight change, actually taking feedback from Rezzie to also go in and double down on sabotaging the factory directly.



Factory & routes layout

Factory and routes

Closeup on the power and plant

Power lines and drone routes