Spurs Jimmying & Jangling


Fallout: New Vegas

Timeline ~2280 (Before the courier is shot)

A good game for not so good peope

Major Issues

Impending Issue

Faces & Placees


Name Summary Team role
Jeremiah Jet Ex-raider Merc looking to make life work the one with the gun, straight man to the tin can
Mr Basil E. Barker A brand-promoting Mister Handy robot Contract Negotiator, Healer/Buffer
Harriette Aidan Vault Dweller w/ their psi power Fire, fire, oops, sorry about that


Name Summary
Sunny Smiles Nice lady with a dog, cheyenne. gives a mission
Trudy bartender. doesn’t so much like robots
Mark Ghoul & Primm Guard. dangrous sense of humor
Nic Traveling Merc. Saved by Mr Barker
Jim & Mark Traveling Merchants. Got their caravan saved by the team
Jenkins/Hutson Works at NCR south station. Hates the correctional facility and inmates bc lost friend
Sgt Mickelson Officer at NCR South station. Has lent and made agreements to have the prison cleaned up
Jimmy (NRC) Demolitions expert & card shark. Taught Mr. Barker a thing or two about slight of hand
Maria (NCR) sniper & base scout. Met Harriette and talked to her about recent events
The Wolf a prostitute spoke omniously to JJ about him. Had a freakey encounter in a church
Ferris former thorn, works for the Followers. Likes Mr Barker
Mick & Ralph Dealers of a lot of trouble, traded a football for forged strip passes that almost didn’t pass
Jebodiah Vault 420 agrocusturalist. Actually the overseer
Hassid Vault 420 liason. He’s dead now
Sarah Vault 420 Mechanic. Mr’s barker’s Best Friend. Has offered to go adventuring w/ Mr Barker
Dave Vault 420 Medic. He’s not here
Michelle New 420 Liason
Nathan vault 420 Facilities (HR)
Nikki Thorn Liason
The King Leader of the kings
Jimmy Suide The King’s dealer/vendor
Gabriel Appointed Thorn Agent
Groog Supermutant Thorn talent
Original Vault Thorn team
Essa Operator of Vault Hotel & Casino


Name Summary
Goodsprings Helped the town a lot. Saved from Powder gangers.
NCR South Station NCR trader station at south end of the one five. They have a mission from them.
Nipton Run down town just NE of NCR South Station. A place to pick up drinks & company
McCarrens (Nipton) Custom Robot work shop and private club. JJ stole a part & Mr Barker & Harriette took a thust at the club
Vault 420 Vault in freeside: marajuana test. Very frendly
Old Thorn Base Irradiated and full of ghouls. Plan B: Never go here again
Vault 22 rats vault
New Vegas Strip A shockingly different placew
The House A glitzy upscale place they have been invited back to by a weird robot
Jimmy’s Casino A mobster based casino they got tossed from by mentioning the thorn
The High Roller A motel converted into a low key casino
The Gloved Fist A elite and fancy casino
Vault H&C A hotel & casino made from an old vault based on gaming, extra large


GURPS 4.x w/ Psionic Powers & Gurps Fallout




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