Humans, Huberis, & the Hour of the fall


Cyberpunk corporate dystopia sabotage & subvert

Major Issues

  1. The United Corporations of America are overstepping their bounds and using people as resources to expend

Impending Issue

Nikkon has a plan to take down a large manufacturing plant in the town that is overstepping it’s resource usage and polluting the area.

Faces & Places

name issues
Reston Rezi Storr
River Dredd
Jackson Rezi’s old mentor
Nikkon Old Low-Tech
Toor Low-Tech, Nikkon’s “partner”


FateCore w/ Interface Zero 2.0



skills are really cool
Academics Athletics Burglary Contacts
Deceive Empathy Fight Hack
Investigate Notice Physique Pilot
Provoke Rapport Resources Shoot
Stealth Survival Tech Will

Skill changes from FateCore vanilla