Rad Rabbit Raid 2

Hey You runs deep into the cave and decides to find somewhere to hide yipping and all about the dog in a huge panic. With this Two decides to poke his head out of the barn himself and scout the dog and figure out what he should do. He finds a mid sized dog upwind so it can’t smell them. Either way it seems distracted scampering around doing all it’s carefree pred things.

Two decides to stand guard and watch the dog while Mint and Oregano research the hay more. Large cube bales are a few bunnies from the walls along the left hand side and tower up very high.

Mint looks into trying to figure out how it’s all held together and she pulls in Oregano to help her figure out how to create a hay trap to drop the hills of hay down on the dog. Oregano sniffs about finds the way to set this all up and also works to try to find a good way to climb up and nibble more and look about.

Meanwhile Hey You is digging further into the hay piles.

With a solid idea in place Oregano calls Two and Mint together and they all decide on a solid plan; They will try to find another way out, however in case the the dog comes in too close they are going to set up a big hay trap. In case things go bad Two will lure the dog in down the passage of hay and Mint and Oregano will snap all these supports and cause the food to pour down and trap the dog, or at least scare it off.

Two heads back to his post and Oregano starts to nibble and climb his way up setting up their trap while Mint heads deep down the passage to find another door. Mint has to go a far far way but after making two right turns and climbing she comes out the other side of the massive cavern of hay and wall. She sees a lot of weird things but also a peer of light, possibly a good gap they can squeeze through to get out, checking to digging the floor is super packed so digging will be hard.

Hey you, having long forgotten why he is hiding has a snack.

Oregano however find himself at the top of the mountain of food and looks all about. It’s so high up and massive. He can tell the hay runs all along the entire left side of the barn, the middle has a lot of weird things and human brikerbrak and then down along the farthest wall is the hose notches. He checks to the sky and there is some cracks of light but it looks like all those rafters are a bit far, a dangerous jump.

As Mint is heading back to the trap spot the dog gets very close to Two and the entrance. Realizing that it’s now time time Two thumps out with all he has “it’s going down” and everyone springs into action. Two runs down the dog hard before he notices Two. With the charge of a wild bore Two tears at the dog enough to startle the wits of it. Throwing down a pivot leg he spins in air and gives a flying air kick to the dead nose. The dog is bowled over and takes a hard hit to the nose. While the dog is stunned and stumbling Two starts to scramble back to the trap point like he was told. The dog sees the fleeing dog and with all the yipping and yapping it tears after Two.

Mint and Oregano have scrabbled back and have the trap ready. Working together they bite out everything as Two flies by. As Mint and Oregano scamper away there is a giant rumble like the world has begun to shake. Everything shifts and there is a roaring like the most dangrous river rapids as hay and dust flood the air. The sound of startled horses is drowned out as the world behind them, including the dog, is swallowed up in a roar of food. There is no trace of dog anymore.

Two, really wants to go home at this point, or at least get out. However the way back is gone, an insurmountable wall of hay fills the passage they were in and blocks off all sight of the original door. Using a thump they manage to get ahold of each other. The team heads twards the crack. Using some thumplocation Hey You manages to catch up with there just wondering what the hell is going on.

“Lunch”, says Oregano.

“I kicked a dog in the face” beams Two.

“There was a dog?” asks Hey You.

“Not any more though” reassures Two rapidly.

“It dissapeared” notes Mint.

“The food ate the dog” Oregano says.