Spurs Jimmying & Jangling 3

Mr Barker goes to find Sunny. He talks about their deal to get things done, talking money. He barters for 600 caps for the job done. Sunny deals up, if you can all take care of these nearby camps of theirs nearby then she’ll take the 600 caps deal. She does say, also if they could clear up the powder gangers for all of good she’d talk to Trudy and try to make yall as made as GoodSprings can be. She offers up two more possible camp sports she is suspect of.

They all meet up and head out two the first camp. Well off the beaten path they hear a hard sound as some mole rats run the team down from the left. Jeremiah and Harriette both turn and ready their guns for combat. Mr Barker attempts to take a bit of wit but the rats are hungry and it is not edible, while Jeremiah and Harriette is. The two engage in an all out gunfight, Harriette dispatching one with a single round, and the other two going down after biting Jeremiah hard. Mr Basil does the assist on one with his knife.

Jeremiah decides to steals the knife from Mr Basil since it worked on that rat well. He forcefully wrestles the blade from the robot hand. “You coulda asked!” Shouts Mr Basil and he takes a free action to be annoyed. Jeremiah throws himself on the last molerat and brings down the stolen knife to end the last one. Once it stops moving he stabs it twice more for good measure and tosses the blade back to Mr Barker

“Thank you” says Mr Barker.

“Whatever” says JJ.

Mr Barker decides to take some time to heal Harriette since she’d looking fatigued. He uses his medical knowledge and a stimpack to get her all healed up.

They finally walk up to the marker spot. They come across two railcars that are off the tracks. Railtracks run north-south and the cars are both off them, one is off on it’s side and the other is at a 30 degree angle against it, both end to end but forming a bit of a V. It’s up a small slope from the party. Harriette decides to sneak her way up and tries to peek around the cars, after a small stumble she does manage to sneak her way up and peers all about.

She sees a campfire, with four guys in nice outfits. They are mostly around the fire, making food. Alongside the back of the cars is a lot of crates. The vests they have a lot of packs they could be using for dynamite storage. The farthest one is back from the fire has a bandolier of dynamite exposed. Harriette focuses in close and one of them looks over, noticing Harriette focusing in and waving her hands just a little.

“What in the-” He tries to say

Then the earth shattering kaboom happens.

Then there is one less person. All the rest of the gangers are knocked over, one of them totally still now.