Rad Rabbit Raid 8

Oregano puffs up some and goes to alert, thumping out to all the other buns to warn them about the dog still chewing on the bone. Mint scrambles into her bag for a moment and pulls out her herbal concoction from earlier, a sedative laced dog treat! She pulls it out, waving to the dog to pull it’s attention with all she can.

HeyYou sees the dog getting his attention to the party and decides to herd the party of weary buns back, pulling them and leading them right back under the porch. Two slides up to join Mint & Oregano, putting himself into an attack position.

The large golden retriever pauses from where it is gnawing on the sizable bone of the beat before it as it sees Mint waving to him and all the buns lined up like a buffet. It growls and lunges down the whole team now with teeth snarling.

Oregano does a over the bun roll on Mint, slipping to flank alongside her with Two now. Mint flicks the treat up and the large set of canine teeth snap forward audibly, coming down just in front of her nose as the dog catches the treat out of sheer habit. Mint eeps and goes right into shock right there as the canine gnashes and gnaws on the treat in front of her.

Mind finds her aspect “I have looked into the jaws of death”

Two and Oregano both grab up Mint as the Dog growls deeply and pounces at Two, trying to catch the buns with his paws. The dog however missing by a good bit as Two skips out of the way of the slightly woozy dog. Both these two bunnies pull Mint by the tail and with all they have drag her back behind the porch.

The dog growls out something fierce and pounces but misses hard, flying into hit the lattice work of the patio head first with a hard whimper. Oregano sneaks up to the corner, super carefully and wriggles about. Right before he noses about there is a little whine and he pauses… then sliide out and peeks to see the dog lying asleep. It kicks a little each once and a while and whines but it’s out.

Mint has fully come too now and gasps. “I’m fully covered in dirt! What happened? Oh yea.” She takes a bit to quickly clean herself as Oregano reports back his findings. Down under the porch HeyYou has managed to calm everyone and composed under the porch. With a quick thump they are all lead out.

Oregano gets a plan together. “Ok, so we need to tell them all Mint and Oregano defeated another dog and then I’ll get all the berries I want!” Everyone uhms and just nods a bit at that.

HeyYou however is still not cool with going back by the dog and wants to go the long way back. Oregano stands down HeyYou, trying to will him to go but the scout bunny cannot be pushed into going past that dog so easily. However Mint slides in and with a little close rapport and maybe a flirt from earlier HeyYou caves in and decides to follow down the team.

The team lines up like before Oregano, Mint, the 5 old scouts, HeyYou, & Two on the rear. The scurry along past the sleeping dog and past the kitchen door. They manage to make it back to the barred dirt road and they all pause, the scouts all wound up. The buns listen and they can tell the beast you can’t see coming is about but off.

They all decide to make a dash and most of the buns make it safely but one of the buns, Marcus trips and flails a bit. Before anyone else can jump in to help there is the roar of the beast as in a flash before anyone can see it coming the sound and flash happens, leaving the poor bunny horribly destroyed int he dirt road.

The other buns slip into the tall grass of the field and look about now. They know it’s dusk so owls and other birds of prey are ready. They don’t find anything too close and weave their way all the way to the burrow! all pushing inside to get back to safety.