Rad Rabbit Raid


The setting is where nearby to the warren has been an old farmhouse for as long as just about anyone remembers. Recently there has been strange activity inside it and spring has come and there is all sorts of amazing foods! However a few of the hoplite teams sent out for food have gone missing! The king is getting desperate. He doesn’t want to send the main Warren Watch team to maintain power during a worrisome time so he sends the B-Team, the best of the best of what he has left outside his guard

Major Issues

Impending Issue

Faces & Places

name issues aspect
Mint Diva Herbalist You must pay attention to me
Oregano Jaded Engineer I’ve seen this before
Thundar Arrogant Scout I have to be the fastest
Two Dim Fighter I forgot
HeyYou traumatized scout Whoah I have kits?
The King Dead ???
Garden Territorial birds, human dolls Fenced in, Berries!, All the food
Big Red Closed off This isn’t normal, Hay Everywh, Hayvalanche
Arclight needs more food Known Exits; Southeast exit (lake), SouthWest exit (field), Northwest exit (forrest), Northeast (forrest)
Jimmy chill guard helping Two
Sunflower watching chamber night king went missing suspended
Tulip watching chamber night king went missing suspended
The Queen missing king ???
Spagett Warren King was in talks with ???
Paprika Watching the team unflappable
Marigold Scout from the night king went missing spooked
Lily large guard, big fan of mint On the side of newness


FateCore w/ Bunnies & Burrows


All default Fate Core starting stats


skills are cool
Tumbling(Athletics) Investigate Stealth
Precision(Burglary) Humans(lore) Will
Contacts Notice BunFu(Fight)
Herbalism(crafts) Physique Empathy
Deceive Provoke Rapport

Stunts & Extras

Today I want to bunny