Spurs Jimmying & Jangling 9

The dynamite goes off with a huge explosion. Everyone looks about, Harriette mostly engrossed in a burning bit of asphalt on her shoe while Jeremiah instantly notices the ghoul just off a building in Primm.

“Are you feral?” shouts out Jerimiah.

He then gets to watch as the ghoul makes an annoyed face and lights a new stick of dynamite and tosses it, this one not a warning shot and rolling up to Jeremiah’s feet. With quick reflexes Jeremiah picks it up and flicks the stick right back, however the fuse ends with the stick in the air between them and explodes in the air.

Mr. Basil E Barker slides in to action. Calling for a cease fire and “Whoah Whoah Whoah let’s let cooler heads prevail. How do we manage to solve this without having any deaths.”

“What do you guys got coming around here” the ghoul shouts back. “We don’t need no trouble around”

“If you don’t want trouble shy are you throwing dynamite? We just wanna shop! We just wanna spend caps.”

The ghoul pauses and then relaxes, gesturing you in. The team comes up cautiously as the ghoul talks. “My name is Mark. He have looters and gangers coming through here more often than honest skin bags. So if you ain’t be no trouble then there ain’t be no trouble. The first one is always a warning shot anyways” he spits out in her gravely voice before laughing dryly. “You skinabgs are always soooo touchy”

He then pauses to gesture about, pointing out the general store & post, and then the casino.

The team eyes the post stop, the casino, the old hotel that looks like it’s coming apart, and the dilapidated rollercoaster that runs through it all and decides to head into the Post/General Store.

The small shop is manned by an older man. He welcomes them all but has no shells to procure, seems his regular supply caravan didn’t show up. When barker asks for more info about the caravan the old man mentions that they all come up from the south and he finds that the NCR military likes to shut down those routes for just about anything. Especially since raider activity is up, a new group supposedly is prowling the area. Also the old speedway to the south has sprung up a mutant ant hill.

Even thought the old man offers up post service and a job doing courier service from time to time if they wanna break from work that ‘usually’ involves shooting. The team decides to press on to look at the casino before heading south. A old style security bot turns to, then past them, and greets them in a prerecorded manner.

“Welcome to out casino! I’d like to remind you there is no weapons! we don’t want no trouble round here. He then turns to and past the exhibit int he middle. “Don’t forget to check out the Bonnie & Clyde exhibit. He gets stuck at the end of his bit and an Old Lady slides up and hits him to unstick him, and introduces herself as Michelle.

Hariette decides to check out the exhibit and it has a short explanation and it takes 5 caps on a slot. Hariette sits back and thinks to herself and then slips in five caps and watches. A stilted voice kicks up and starts “Welcome to the Bonnie & Slide Museum, back before the…” the exhibit rambles on for 15 minutes, explaining all there is about the history of Bonne, Clyde, and that car now all full of holes.

Meanwhile Mr Barker slides up to the cashier and trades in 40 caps for chips, the lady hesitant and talking to someone about it. He asks about and finds for the table games, sliding up for blackjack. Mr Barker sits down in the table and using his skills he manages to only loose a few scant hands in 14 minutes. A leery pit boss rolls up and starts asking hard questions about robots.

Mr. Barker tries to talk his way into this money making scheme but the pit boss isn’t buying it. Mr Barker finds himself without any chips but at least gets his 40 caps back before he’s summarily kicked out of the table room.

Jeremiah is not into the glittery and glam and walks about Primm, doing a lookout. He notices some thing or people crawling out to the North and calls out mark, pointing out the ramblers. Mark uses some binoculars and swears, noting it’s the gangers and that they have been crawling all about. He knows they are looking to expand their territory and just wish someone would take care of it. Nothing too much out of order comes to mind.

Jeremiah comes back and sighs as he shows up to see Mr. Barker jetting ejected. “What did you do now”

“I won, maybe too much”

They weigh their options and decide to head south down the road to see this NRC military camp and see if they can unclog this whole caravan since Jeremiah needs shells bad. Then walk down the road and they come up to quite a scene; huge red ands the size of a huge dog, maybe a bit larger and they are attacking a caravan.

the team decides to jump in and help the merchants and guards. A hectic large battle ensues, including Jeremiah almost blowing some people up. However only one guard goes down before Mr. Barker convinces the rest, two merchants and a merc to flee the battle, all while the team manages not to take a single hit!

Now the team is approaching the injured Merc and two remaining brhoman. With two merchants and a merc almost out of sight.


This session felt slow Wasn’t Jeremiah’s scene The recap is running long There is an ant on fire No one has any major changes to characters Mr Barker shaping knife for crowbar 3 points for all 4 for barker