Spurs Jimmying & Jangling 7

The following has a minor retcon as mentioned feedback last week.

Jeremiah tries to sneak it out about 30-40 yards and then starts crawling about through the dirt, trying to get within 15 yards of the party. Even as the robot dances and sings it’s way through suddenly one of the gangers notices someone crawling though the dirt. Most everyone goes up on alert suddenly at the panic.

Before things can escalate Harriette decides this was the signal that she was looking for and staying behind a tent inches out and squeezes out a shot. The 9mm rings out behind the camp, causing everyone but him to turn around just in time to watch their partner collapse forward into the campfire. The other three gangers suddenly run to grab and pull their buddy out of the fire. Jeremiah sees this go down and jumps up, dashing in. Mr Barker has his song interrupted and decides to slowly back out some.

In the panic Harriette leans in, trying to spot the one who noticed Jeremiah and sneaks out to take another shot. She pops him in the back while he is trying to help his friend, a though and through right though the left lung. He partially collapses into his friend and gasping about.

One of the gangers puts it together and pulls out a knife and starts stalking towards where Harriette is hiding. Harriette drops out of the cover, jumping out and leveling her pistol and nailing him right in the core body. He waves the knife and drops down to the chest, the round not making it out the back of him. The last ganger decides to get up as his friends start dropping and runs down Mr Barker with a pistol. The other two upright guys are hurting.

Jeremiah pulls out his pistol while running into the camp and tries to pull a snap shot, skidding to a stop just to shoot. He misses the shot, going wide and ricocheting the round off of Mr Barker. He lets out a angry sound as the slide catches his hand, not gripping it right. The snap shot and the slide catch is enough for him to fumble the gun and drop it. Mr Barker flails about, going into a bit of a spin and sputtering as he really sells the hit, yelling the obscenities at Jeremiah.

Harriette glances over to the second guy who she shot, watching him try to get back up and she levels her pistol and drops a round into his brainstem area, the round to the back of his neck causing him to collapse fully on the first now.

The ganger almost to barker now turns to Jeremiah since he’s shooting, leveling his pistol up and taking a shot at the Merc, missing JJ solid. Jeremiah dives down to make himself less of a target and tries to reready his pistol. Mr Barker takes the opportunity to slide in and give a swipe with his knife.

Harriette decides to address the third guy she shot, he’s struggling with the shot to the chest. She slips up and tries to whip him with her pistol but she manages to fumble the swing. He looks up to her and coughs up some blood and pure vitriol, cursing with words of a man spent more time in prison than outside of it. Harriette tries to swing in again with her pistol but he parries it some and throws her off guard and drops her on her butt in the sand. He snarls out horrible words and crawls in some, threateningly swiping with his knife. Harriette reels back and drops her boot right into his nose, cracking it and dazing the Ganger. Finally she slips up onto her knees and reels back with all she has, a panting frustration as she snaps her pistol against his temple and with a sickening sound his head snaps to the side and he wavers for only a few moments before he coughs up more ruby and collapses in the dirt.

Meanwhile Ganger and Barker take a knife vs gun fight, Barker taking three rounds to the body while Jeremiah decides to jump up and run in to help save Barker. After taking those rounds to the chasis, and seeing Jeremiah running in while pulling out his shotgun he decides to try to grapple the gun away from the ganger. He doesn’t manage to disarm him but as the ganger sees Jeremiah getting in with his shotgun he decides he doesn’t like these odds anymore. He breaks out running though the camp and tries to get away.

Jeremiah gives a hard chase. Harriette is still in the dirt but sees him running and spins, the moment he comes by she levels her pistol and catches the running Ganger in the shoulder. He stumbles and it helps Jeremiah start to really gang on him.

Having done all she can Harriette scoots in the dirt, sighing to herself and then smiling as she cozies up a bit close to the fire. She looks into the flickering flames in the dusk, savoring the burning mesquite wood with pods and brush tossed in that give it a lot of warm cracking pops. Mr Barker grumbles and pisses and moans about as he starts despondently searching the camp for goods, digging though crates and tents. He curses Jeremiah, the Gangers, the Time of Day, everything.

Jeremiah finally gets within grabbing range of the ganger. He uses his shotgun to catch the guy by the throat, locking it in under his chin and whipping to the side to throw him into the dirt and going half down to a knee himself. They wrestle for a moment and then Jeremiah lets off a shotgun round into the air, burning the throat and under the chin of the ganger. The ganger pauses wincing and then looking deep up to Jeremiah, really sizing him up now. Jeremiah takes a moment and slips up some, pulling the shotgun out from under his chin and pushes the double barrel to the guys head. The guy looks up hard at Jeremiah and huffs.

“What do I have to do to walk out this alive?”

Jeremiah pulls the trigger, unloading the double barrel and painting a crescent sunrise along the Mohave dirt. “You’re not”

He then digs through the body as it collapses to the dirt, spurting. 12 rounds of 9mm

Back at the camp Mr Barker puts on his metaphorical physicians hat and examines the body. One of the men is very dead, two rounds and burn marks. One man has a round through and though chest and has a lower neck round; shallow breath and fluid on lungs, fully out and shallowly breathing shows soon he won’t survive. The last one has a round in the chest, fluid in lungs, a shattered temples and possible brain damage, and a broken nose, He has minutes to live at best and he has few light signs. He also scavenges the bodies for gear.

Mr Barker tallies up all the gear he found and doles out what he can to them. Jeremiah grabs a gangers outfit and Harriette grabs the one who has armor.

The team sets up camp as the sun sets on it.