Rad Rabbit Raid 5

Two continues doing his best hat stand impression for a little bit and then heads back into the kitchen, with it’s glassy smooth floors and it’s very odd human style everything, an old farmhouse kitchen with it’s tile floors and counters. He notices the open window and then looks all about and figures out if he makes a hop from chair, to table, boucne off the back of a chair and land on a counter which would get him near the window.

While he is figuring out Mint & Oregano talk it out, planning how they will try to save their partner. Oregano looks about, realizing he’s along the backside of the house and he can see back to the burrow from the top of the bins almost.

Two takes his go at it, jumping from a chair up to the table. He takes is running leap and just barely makes his springboard to catch the counter. However he slides hard on the tile and slams into the backsplash of the counter, hitting himself hard to the head and hurting himself. After having a quick thump talk with Oregano through the wall he slips up and hops just enough to catch the windowstil, first getting a look to Oregano.

They have a short exchange, the frantic Oregano shouting to Two while her tries to sneak his way out. A solid kick throws him out the window… or would if his bottom wouldn’t get stuck. Hanging with bottom up and legs kicking in the air he hangs and sways from the window. “Hey”.

Oregao jumps up and grabs him, Two kicking and flailing all about till they get him to POP out and take a roll, managing to look like he ment to do that afterwards.

The team sits back and talks out their plan and all walk around, except for HeyYou, who forgot why he was hiding and went the other way. The main party finds a large patio for the front porch with a wooden lattice around it. Oregano has seen this shit before and looks all about, knowing you can usually can get in under these and finds a good hole in. Mint slips in and takes a sniff, finding bunnies by scent. Oregano and Mint slip in but Two realizes that he can’t fit without some digging.

HeyYou slips to the long back of the house, finding a large wall with a lot of windows. Away from the house is a forrest of green stalks, swaying in the wind, a huge forrest of these new plants farther than he can see.

Oregano thumps out a hello and gets back a reply! Oregano remembers a name of a missing scout and thumps out looking for Dave.

“Dave’s not hear man! Not anymore”

“are you the scouts?”

“What’s left of them!”

Mint realizes she notices that cadence of thump. It’s a hopalite she had worked with a few times. She thumps to let them know it’s Mint and they are excited.

Oregano tries to get Two to dig in but he realizes it’s not going to be an easy dig to get the hole to the right size, it will definitely take time. Instead Two goes to find HeyYou and get him up to date on the fact they found the buns.

Mint slips deep under the house and finds many buns; The buns are frightened but so happy to see Mint. They talk about how they were trapped, so many of them lost to the dog and the giant mechanical beasts. Mint casually explains how she is the rescue party and she has found safe routes back home. They are shocked to find out how they have managed to even defeat a dog.

Oregano hops up to see hello when he hears the chatter and sunflower pops up. “Oh! it’s Oregano, hey man, we don’t have any berries.”

The scouts talk more about how three have been lost to humans.

Two & Hey You slips back to the hole under the patio.

Oregano plans on having them all come back now but the scouts are afraid, they speak of the beast you can’t see coming, a loud horror that approaches so fast you can’t see it coming before it overtakes and kills you, taking huge bites into rabbits before fleeing. Oregano grills them more, but they don’t know where it’s lair is, they know ti comes by, scouting this area several times a day. Oregano & Mint recommend the scouts stay there for a little longer while they plan.

Meeting up at the lattice with Two and HeyYou they swap experiences. Two is eager and ready to get them to go but Oregano is more cautious, the buns are in bad shape, scared, and hungry. He recommends them to all to wait till nighttime since they will have an advantage. Two and Oregano decide to dig out the hole so everyone can hide underneath the house with the rest of the buns.

However as Oregano and Two are working they all start hearing those thumps, the heavy footsteps.

The front door opens and the door guard swings open, and out steps a human.