Rad Rabbit Raid 7 (Mint Episode)

Two limps over to Mint, pleading for help. She manages to craft together some pain killer and bandaging for his hurt hips and legs. The party all slips down under into the makeshift pot under the house.

Oregano slips up to the lattace though, sitting there for a bit and really studying the horror that crawls the earth. He takes a while to notice that it lumbers without aim or mission, rolling through the large stalks and eating up the earth. A healthy bun could likely outrun it without too much issue. He also pauses and notes it never leaves the stalks, devouring only them and then turning before hitting open ground. It only requires a sacrifice of these and desires no less or more it seems. He slips down to the team and talk out his findings now.

Everyone decides to split up all the food in everyone’s bags and the sleep out the rest of the day. bun sleeping picture

By the late day, near dusk time starts to settle onto the day the great rumbling god seems to amble away, and things settle down until the footsteps of humans appear and scramble above everyone slowly as they move about. The constant sounds of humans explain why the buns are indeed a bit wore out.

Two decides to go explore up under the porch quickly and notices a large human ambling about, almost like it’s searching and and hunting about the porch area. He immediately decides to scramble down and let everyone know. Oregano decides to look about under the house, really see if there is other ways out. He finds a lot of open area but he finds a place where the buns are trying to make a second exit.

While they are planning about a very bright cool light floods down a bit, right from the patio area. It’s hard to see the source but it’s coming from up there. Oregano talks to the other buns quick, trying to get them to help him work this other hole quick. Bay has a hurt paw but three of the other five are up to help them. The earth is heavy and clotted, a bit damp but still best to make. The material in the way seems to resist bunny claws. Oregano asks about any other animals like mice. Marcos noticed that there has been a few mice but he hasn’t seen where they come or go. All the mice are usually very high strung and not friendly as they are also dealing with human problems and lots of traps.

All the while Oregano is working on this Mint feels the compulsion to follow the light, it’s extremely flattering to her fur and complexion and everyone else is just so busy. Two notices this and tries to call her out but she decides to slip up right unto the light. She slides up into the beam right on her now and then suddenly the light shifts away and there is a large human face right down here. She puts on her charm and seems to bewilder and gin approval from the human as it enraptures into her visage for a moment. Two slips up, trying to talk and get Mint away from the human. The one who’s attention he gets the most of is the human though.

The human is a bit startled by this, making odd sounds, and then it suddenly reaches out with it’s large claw. Two throws himself into the great claw of human before it can get Mint. It has him by the pained haunches, flailing and squeaking some in discomfort. It tries to pull him through the hole, tugging Two right up to it but realizes that it’s not getting the big bunny though the hole. It finally releases Two and then starts to walk away now.

Hey You slips up to see Mint glaring a Two for stealing her spotlight, the bigger bunny up against the exit. Mint pounces at Two and sees if she can chase down the audience but Two decides he’s not going anywhere and she bounces off him. Two decides since he is here, being a guard for the human and… hey he also decides to dig at the hole so he can get out. He looks out some as he digs, and even though he can feel Mint burning holes in his ears with her glaring he doesn’t see too much out there, it seems to be settling down.

Hey You also puts out some ears and tries to see what is out and about; he doesn’t hear so much until he catches his least favorite sound in the world, a bark. He goes flying down into the faux warren screaming about a dog. This quickly winds everyone up down there, distracting the buns who were trying to dig as Hey You is fleaking out about a dog. Oregano sees everyone going nuts and thinks about it. He turns to Mint;

“Mint do you wanna calm all these poor buns down?”

“I dunno, do I?”

They have words amongst each other and finally Oregano manages to talk Mint into helping calm everyone. “oh kay oh kay”

Mint slips down with a bit of a huff but then puts on the charm. She bounds about slowly, showing off and gives them a good talking to. It’s not too long before she has all eyes on her and has everyone all calmed down. In fact it’s not long before she even has Hey You and Bay just about completely enraptured and enamored in her, outright developing a crush on her.

Oregano is not amused by all this and sighs, hopping back up to the porch to listen out, neither Oregano and Two both not hear a dog nor very much. Just less than many humans in the house and a bit of life out in the yard.

“There is something on the wind” says Oregano.

“ok” hums out Two blankly.

Oregano slips in and the two buns work all they can to get the hole dig out, and in a small amount of time they manage to dig out the hole to a good size. All the while down in the warren it’s still very much Mint time, the other six buns all eyes on her.

Two wants to test this hole out and be extra sure. He looks about carefully to poke his nose and ears out. He noses and ears right up and finds it’s a Quiet Evening out. The humans have settled down, dusk is falling over the area making it that perfect time between daytime predators and nighttime ones. It’s just a nice quiet evening with them and the bugs. He then wriggles out the hole and pops right out into the wide wide open, a single large rabbit out fully in the open with his ears up high and peering all about oh so tensely in the quiet evening. He does his best mint impression, doing his “look at me” impression and then slips right back in. Two slips down looking for food but realizes that after all that work the feed was all eaten earlier in the day and the buns are now out.

Dusk is about the area and Oregano rallies the troops and most agree (well actually most agree with Mint at the moment and Mint also thinks the plan is to go). Oregano slips himself out and puts his best into it, ears up and nose twitching as eyes scan the area, all senses on alert. He sees it’s a quiet evening. The house has gone more quiet, not all the humans even active now. He catches a good wiff of the humans eating preparation ritual, always something with strong smells when they do. There is some owls off on the distance, possibly out by big red, and then somewhere in the distance he catches the hint of a dog. It’s a quiet evening.

He slips in and talks it out with everyone. Everyone goes through if they should slip back the way they came or if they should attempt to go down past the big red and through the garden and down to the river. They chat it out and all decide to slide back around the house past the kitchen to backtrack their way back. They decide Oregano, Mint, the five scouts, Hey You, and Two in the rear.

The buns all file out of the porch, slipping around the corner to roll past the kitchen and it is no longer a Quiet Evening, because right outside the back door is the dog.