Rad Rabbit Raid 11

A new day, a new meetup in the main chamber.

Mint & Oregano slip off to meet up with Walnut, Mint’s contact for the king’s chamber cleaner. However only Mint arrives to meet with her! Mint has a quick chat with her and gets Pussywillow’s contact info, the bunny who does most of the main cleaning.

Mint backtracks and tries to find Oregano but finds herself lost! Like the passage behind her has changed. She goes forward and finds a group of bunnies she can get help from and gets herself back to the main chamber but without anyone else about!

Oregano was pounced from behind when he was on the way to Walnuts! Oregano is bagged and tossed back but manages to squirm out of the bagging. However, he is cornered by four huge rabbits. He tries to talk his way out of it… but botches it in his panic. He tries to fight them but fails, getting thwacked about and carried off. He decides to submit and keep from getting ruffed up anymore. The bunnies carrying him are making a point of not talking.

Two and Thunder head down to the guard quarters but Jimmy isn’t about. They go about and talk to the managers a bunch. They find out he’s doing Lake duty after exploring and talking to some people.

Mint is stranded in the place all alone, trying to figure out what’s going on. She talks to a lot of rabbits but doesn’t get a lot of good answers about where Oregano might be. Mint decides to go talk to the queen’s chamber but there is a large bunny, Lilly in the way. Mint flirts with him a little and talks him up, trying to get more info. She convinces Lily to go talk and find out about Oregano.

Meanwhile, Oregano is dragged off in the warren. He’s pulled into an area where the earth smells fresher here. Then the bag tight around his head is stuffed full of alfalfa which is a delicious snack but also makes it hard to smell anything else. He spends some time doing thoughtful munching. The bunnies are doing their best to try and keep as quiet as possible, not able to really hear anything they say. He mouths off to try and fluff them up. but he gets stepped on and is told “Quiet, you will speak when spoken to.” It’s gruff but someone familiar voice.