Rad Rabbit Raid 12

Thunder and Two both go running out from the main exit and work through the field. They almost run into a red fuzzy tail poking up from the grass. They try to cut around white to the left, but Thunder notices yet another tail poking about! A pack of them! THey cut all around wide to the right now, and Thunder goes on full alert. He looks about and sees another fox back by the entrance to the warren. The buns now go full speed to the lake so they can warn the rest!

Lily finally comes back to meet Mint. She asks about Oregano and is told: “That’s none of my business I guess.” Mint asks in and finds out that the queen is all alone now. She then finds out that the queen has not been treating the buns and guards well at all. She works him a bit, even offering him some flowers and helps convince him that she would make a much better queen and that he should pass that along a lot.

Oregano is in a corner. He’s got a bag done up tight. He spends some time to listen and try to tell exactly where everyone is. After a little, he figures out an escape path. He sneaks slowly to a side and then makes a hard break for it. He miscalculates just a bit and comes dead on to one of the bunnies, catching them in the head hard enough to bowl them over. He makes his dash still and manages to get away, but he is still flying blind now. He manages to juke and jive in the dark, and he uses his move to loosen the bag and then tosses it off to the side.

Two and Thunder both go looking for Jimmy in the riverbed. It takes them a good while, but they finally manage to find the bunnies and let them all know about the fox. The first bunny panics but they get the scouts notified, and everyone grabs up everyone and gets them back to the burrow. Two helps close up the tunnel, and then they all slip down to try and find Jimmy. Jimmy had learned that Marigold and his crew were the scouts that covered the entrances. Thunder knows him, and so they head to his place. Marigold, however, pulls thunder inside but doesn’t let Two in. He tells Thunder he needs to forget he asked him that question, and he will forget it too. Two uses a bit of deception to make him think the’s already so in. Marigold slips that the Queen is out of hand and this is super deep. He sends out Two and Thunder out as well.

Mint decides to scout the area a little more and try to figure out where the rest of the team is. She heads out to the main pot and watches about. After a little bit, some scouts fly out one passage and through to another way. She decides to go running that way to see what is going on and if it has something to do with the rest of the team. However, at that moment Thunder is coming along at a super fast 20inches. They hit each other at full speed, and most of the team is reunited!

All three decide to meet up privately and share everything they learned and did. Mint wants to be queen but thunder doesn’t trust her, they finally do agree that the queen has to go. Only then does Thunder realizes that Oregano is still missing, so they all decide to find him together instead of being split up.

Oregano realizes where he is, he’s managed to make it to an older area now, there is a lot of destruction, but the tunnels seem mostly good. This area isn’t used as much because it is a bit far away from the main square and its exit was closed off for some reason he can’t think of. He decides to try a double back trick and try and shake his pursuers. He slips down to another pot and then hides in a side wall, losing his pursuers completely.