Rad Rabbit Raid 9

The team all files into the burrows and are surrounded by adulation and excitement as the missing buns are returned. The king’s close hoplites inform the team that the king king would love to speak to the team. Oregano is meh and not excited to see the king but the rest of the team and the reluctant Oregano slides into the king’s chamber.

The king is hopping excited to see the returned team. “Hello my buns! I have already heard word you have returned with many of the scouts. What news do you have for me about what happened to the scouts and the path to secure food?”

“You want the long story or the short story.” asks Oregano.

“I want the long version” Says the king anxiously.

“I think we already mentioned there is a lot of food there” Jumps in Mint.

“There is a lot of food but it is heavily guarded in many different ways” says Two.

“Right and so I was hoping you would find a safe route to collect the food.” says the king

“No” answers HeyYou and Oregano at the same time.

“This puts our warren in a dangerous predicament. What more can you tell me about the threats” worries the king.

“Dog, Humans, Giant Human Creations, that destroy everything they touch, things that come out of nowhere and just flattened Marcus.” Everyone chips in in turn.

“Marcus? M-My boy Marcus? He’s gone? Noooo!” Exclaims the king, now completely distraught flooded by all this news piled on at once.

“Sorry man, we had him till the last moment but then he sort of… flattened” Offers up Oregano.

“He just flattened? You’re telling me the humans created a device which just flattens buns?”

“Yea, there was just a rush of wind, and a flash of light and noise and then he was just gone”

The king is shaken to his core by this horrific news, not just of one of his children but also the horrible beast spoken of.

“There is only one way we can fix this king; we need to destroy all humans. We need to gather up all the buns we have left and we need to kill every last single one of them at that farm.” offers up Oregano straight.

“He hasn’t had his berries in a while” offers up Two to help console the king after the absurd but straight suggestion comes up.

The king is still shaken and disturbed, trying to process all this but Oregano continues.

“Sorry for your son, one of your sons, one of your dozens of sons. I’m sure he meant a lot to you and you remember everything about him. However, there is many humans at this farm, they come out of their own warren unpredictably, without warning. The scouts were held up underneath this place so now they know where they came from. So we probably won’t be able to hide them there again.” rambles Oregano.

“There is a dog too” interjects Mint.

“There is the bloodthirsty dog that almost ate Mint before Mint was able to magick it to death.” adds Oregano.

“Magick it you say?” Asks the king curiously

“Yea mint has the gift of magic and she was able to destroy a dog!” throws in oregano before Mint can speak up.

“No! It was a special blend of herbs. It’s an old rabbit recipe.” Mint interjects. “it also makes husband buns shut up for a while” adds Mint with a mutter.

“Really? Would it work on the queen? If so I would reward you greatly for this recipe.

Mint slides over a leaf with some bun writings on it and the king accepts it with great gratitude and makes a note that her next allocations should be doubled.

“There is a lot of food growing but it has humans and dogs roaming it.” adds Two.

“and asshole birds” piles on Mint.

“Also great mechanical beasts that devour everything.” perks up HeyYou.

“All right, thank you for all this information. I have much to ponder now about our prediciments and how we should go forward. I will speak with my advisors and get back to you. You are all great heroes to the warren and your deeds are greatly appreciated. Bunnies will say your names for generations.” He says, but without his normal fanfare. Even as he speaks he is still clearly shaken. He sends the team out and into the warren.

The buns all decide to slide out and find the berry “bar”. Oregano decides to try to take the berry tender to tell them that the team is to have all they can have by order of the king but the tender is not buying such a story from the regular Oregano. However mint slips in and is able to convince them, so the team all has fermented berries on the kings “payroll”

Character progression

As this is the major stopping point there is upgrades all about. Everyone gets an extra Refresh point.


Is out. He’s gone to NPC land and is retired from PC play


Coming in to replace HeyYou. A scout, an up an coming newly graduated trainee from the top of the class. However he has some trust issues and arrogance.