Spurs Jimmying & Jangling 2

Left along in front of the gas station/converted bar the part decides to head up north back up to the town and collect their goods. On the way up to the town they find a rad scorpion right in the middle of the road, it’s eating the remains of something.

JJ decides to sneak up on the scorpion slowly with his shotgun. Harriette join in on this sneak, sliding along side him and focuses on trying to catch fire. They all pause for a moment and with a flash she catches fire to it’s back for a moment, burning the caprice for just a moment. It spins about in panic and sees our party, lunging in for attack and misses JJ.

Jeremiah unloads a round of shotgun to the rad scorpion’s face. Harriette whips out her pistol and rings out a shot, catching it and shooting it’s stinger right off. The insect collapses in the ground

FF victory music

Jeremiah cracks it’s body open and pulls out two pieces worth of good rad scorpion meat.

The party slides in to Goodsprings and knocks on the door, meeting up with the Sheriff. They collect 300 caps and they get the keys to the old gas station just up on the hill just north. The team decides to slide up to the general store but find it closed at this dusk hour.

They instead slide in to the bar. They meet up with a lady going by the name of Sunny Smiles at the bar, there with her dog Cheyenne. She’s the one who takes care of all the odd jobs and keep the peace around here. Mr Barker decides to chat up Sunny for a bit while Jeremiah slides up to the bar and pays two caps for a beer.

Sunny is grateful to hear you are the ones who helped with the Jet deal. She lets Mr Barker she doesn’t have a lot fo opinion of sheriff Mick, he’s not good at getting things done. Mr Barker offer to fill int he gap with the harder issues. Sunny offers up if they can help get rid of a problem they have with a group calling themselves the poweder gangers, some ex-cons with explosives, she would be more than willing to pay. She gives up a campsite known for Harriette’s pip-boy and gives everyone a mighty thanks.

JJ finishes up his beer and Sunny also needs to leave so the party decides it’s time to call it a night. Jeremiah leans in to talk to the bartender, Trudy and asks where he could train some brawling around town and she recommends up Sunny is the best scrapper in GoodSprings.

The mini mart has been cleaned up and has a few cots, even a save to put your stuff. The party settles in for the night but Harriette finds little sleep.

The next day Jeremiah slips over of the general store and meets up with Chet, the shop owner. He buys up 5 shotgun shells for 3 caps a shell. JJ asks Chet to keep eyes out for a knife for him. Jeremiah is on a mission and hits up Sunny in her back area training spot and asks her if she can help with some Brawling tips. They spend the next three hours on some brawling training, for 25 caps that is.

Harriette slinks about town and spends the day. She discovers a Brauman, a giant partially rotting beast, much like a bison but with two heads and a set of horns on each. it’s mostly docile but she avoids the horrifying beast. After she comes back Mr barker and Harriette talk over the plans for taking on the gangers, mostly blow them up as much as possible and not them.

They all meet up in the high sun and prep to go out.