Rad Rabbit Raid 4

Upon returning the team immediately gets an audience with the king, recapping their travels and presenting the food they found. The King is worried by this and concerned. HeyYou presents his stash of berries they also found to the king, only to have them carefully swiped from him by Oregano, snuck away and quickly forgotten. The king was more concerned about what caused the buns to disappear. He beseeches the team to head back out and try to find a safe route to to gather and return the food and if possible find out what happened to all the other teams as well as. If you can’t find them find out why. He’s worried that there is something we can’t find snatching buns.

They decide to go out tomorrow, spending the night in the burrow;

Early before the sun rises the team meets up and tries to make a plan. HeyYou scouts out the BigRed from where it is and also finds the other buildings. They quickly head down to it, it’s the color of clouds, like right before a storm. They find themselves a riven of sand, harder packed that normal and filled with waves but still. Just barren land. The buns follow it down the way to the grey building best they can but eventually they fine it splits and blocks their way to the building now. Everyone takes a long time, sitting out and listening carefully with all that is going on. There is a powerful large low rumbling something like a mammoth beast like never before but it seems faint and far away. They stiff the road and down the road there is no scents either. Two decides to take a mad dash and then HeyYou also gives quite a scramble. Mint and Oregano both blink and then just casually hop themselves across the road.

They have reached the house. Oregano has seen this shit before. He looks all about the wall they are at. He’s super sure this is a house, a human main warren. He’s sure that they are right outside the chamber where they prepare and devour their food. There is a wooden hutch for storing their trash and not too far from that a window. Oregano decides to hop up onto the hutch and then makes his way up. Sadly he still can’t reach the slightly ajar window. Everyone can scent human fooding. Two joins Oregano to help him and with a bit of a wobble Oregano gets up on Two’s shoulders, standing up on hind legs together and peers into that window. Oregano can tell the room is unoccupied and when he listens and sniffs he’s sure there is another human somewhere in the home but not near. He spots two more exits, an open passageway from the kitchen and what is likely a door in from the outside since early morning sun shines through it. He decides not to jump in from there though.

Mint meanwhile sneaks around the house and finds stone steps that lead up to now what she is more or less aware is a door with a type of latch. Once Oregano is done Two slips down and follows after Mint upon reporting of what she found back to the crew, finding the door and deciding he can likely do his thing like with the barn door with this. Two takes his run but the steps get into the way, he hits the door with a good hard thud but he still manages to get his weight up under the handle and get the door to crack open for him. Two decides to push right in and looks into the house, however he hears the approaching foodsteps thudding towards him. He finds some legs like a branch and he ducks under his partial cover, pressing to the wall. HeyYou wedges himself into the nook at the foundation of the house and the steps. Mint decides to just “act casual” and nibble some grass.

The lumbering beast of a human strides right past Two and pokes out of the open door. It pauses and looks all about, scanning Mint with a catious eye before disregarding her. It closes the door tight with a clack and then lumbers away back into the recess of the house. Two finds himself closed into the house, the human still inside.

Everyone poops.