Rad Rabbit Raid 17

The teams has just finished piling on the king, and now the king is dead.

The team is alone in the room, there is five rabbits, and one of them is dead and it is the king.

Insert entire dead parrot sketch

Oregano decides to investigate the dead king. He finds the king is very dead. His eyes are washed out and he’s foaming from the mouth, which is weird for being bunpiled on. But he also finds a small quill in the king’s tush.

Mint looks into this being the herbalist master and discovers it is an injection quill, the type she’s used a lot. She looks more and sees signs of an extremly potent poision, it also seems it’s a fresh injection point.

Two looks about to see where it came from but can’t find anything useful.

Oregano decides to scour the pot and finds some good food for the king but it seems normal. In the kings bed he finds an indecypterable note. He tries but can’t decypher it.

Mint takes the quill, wrapping the quill in a bandage and putting it in her bag.

Two & Thundar put the king into bed and Mint fashions a sleep mask and cleans up the king so he looks like he is sleeping.

The team slips out and tells the guards the King is exhausted and decided to go to bed, the guards don’t buy it but when they look it ne looks perfectly like he is sleeping so the team escapes.

The team consiters different routes back into the warren.

Mint goes looking for flowers and finds some potent Lillies. She is able to make 5 applications of an extremly potent perfume with it, enough to mask a bunny.

The team decides the forrest and human area is too dangerous and goes back through the old area of the warren. They look about and seems nobunny is around. Thundar notcies a large group has all gone towards a back area they don’t reconize.

They decide to stay on mission and slip over to the main area. Two catches up with some people and they discover that the fox attack had some heavy losses but they were able to drive them back.

The team slips to Two’s place and tires to get their story straight before meeting with the Queen to report back their story. They decide to tell the story straight… mostly. Maybe omit a lot of details.

Mint also wants to bring some backup and when she goes to find her friend Lilly she’s actually found by Rose, a scout. It seems Lilly has been recruiting and Mint now has a squad. She sends rose to go find Lilly.

In the meantime Mint asks about what has been going on and finds out they had to close the main entrance and made a new one in the mid field. The queen has been upset but things have been mostly well.

Rose comes back and lets Mint know that Lily is having to do double duty and is back at Queen Guarding duty.

It’s time for the team to go see the queen.