Rad Rabbit Raid 6 (Comic relief episode)

With the human approaching the rabbits all freeze for a quick moment. It’s approaching with a meandering thud on the porch. The rabbits all realize that they are in the path of the human. Two and Oregano have a rapid argument but Two and Hey You both panic and decide to bolt hard.

In the panic Two and Hey You however both run ACROSS the stairs of the patio, drawing the attention of the smaller than before human, about the size of a smaller wolf. It takes a run, flying at the two. Two splits, bolting in the other direction while Hey You dashes down alongside the back of the house. The human is not lost in pursuit though gaining on him. He takes a skidding stop and doubles back, dashing through the humans legs and trying to make a b-line for the hole.

Having watched all this from under the porch Oregano puffs up, he doesn’t want their position given away by Hey You. He devises a plan and throws himself to the hole and digs in, blocking Hey You’s rapid approach at the very last minute. Hey You flies into the lattice and Hey You, looking like he just sharp turned and faceplanted a wall like a daft dog. Only at this moment does the human stop and make a rambunctious sound, not unlike a cawing crow when it gets it’s way, Cawing at Hey You. The dazed Hey You shakes his head and decides to keep dashing, just running down alongside the house now.

Two takes advantage of this, flying at the human, using his power drive he is known for. He flies up and throws his feet out and takes the human down with his blow. The human begins to wail out loudly, flailing about. Two decides this is the best time to get away and attempts to scramble free but the flailing human makes it hard to get a foothold. Two hardly manages to get tot he dirt but the human rolls over and grabs at Two without claws or fangs but tries to smother him. Two panics and chomps down on the human’s narrow clawless toe. The human screeches out the most horrid wailing squeal, not unlike a mauled animal. In the next moment Two discovers flight, floating through the air before he manages to flip a little and WHUMPS into the dirt, landing on his feet. The wailing human flees rapidly, running out into the field and down past the house, following the dirt road.

A silence fills the area as the wailing runs off into the distance.

Oregano and Two meet back up at the hole, chatting about and trying to plan the next move. Even taking some time to really think about it he can only shave a bit of time off of digging the hole. However a pressing issue is that the 5 buns trapped down here need food and waiting for nightfall is still the best plan. Two decides to go around the house and try to find more food, literally running right into the still dashing Hey You.

Meanwhile Oregano thumps back to Mint, who comes up cautiously. They talk out about how they decided to roll another human and won, and then also are going for food, so we need to have a chill and work on this hole.

Two and Hey you first head over to the forrest of stalks. Two looks up to the tall leaves and takes a few hops to try to get the leaves. Once he finally grabs one he finds it super tough and not that great food. He can’t jump high enough to reach the top of the stalks where there is bigger buds. They decide to head back towards the Giant Red, where it was so full of food. They take a great dash across the open field without issue and make it to the Giant Red. However the cavernous entrance on the Big Red is completely gone! Two grasps with this for a few moments and decides to go around to the garden.

Hey You investigates for a softer area to dig to get into the garden but Two manages to pop the gate open and get himself and Hey You into the garden. They quickly find some cabbage to stuff their bags. Hey You eats all his current food and both the buns pack their bags and head out of the garden easy peasy. Or so they would hope.

The moment they step out of the garden a great rumbling overtakes the ground. Everyone can feel the great rumbling but it is closer to the garden. The trapped bunnies become agitated and worried as they have felt this before but do not know where these monster comes from or where it goes. It has made great passes before. Two and Hey You both run back into the garden and take cover. Oregano, still digging pauses and slips over to the other end of the porch and listens close. Oregano hears the high pitched wailing sounds of a giant mechanical abomination, crawling across the earth and destroying everything in it’s path. The type of mechanical beast that devours all earth and leaves nothing but the soil upset in it’s path.

Oregano thumps and calls up Mint and they discuss what is coming, Shira, the death rolling over soil.

Two and Hey You decide to bold for it, making for the porch. Two has the fear of buns in him and throws his existence into running all the way from the garden to the hole in the Porch lattice. Hey You lags a bit behind but chases with all he has. As Two is running he sees to the side, seeing the rotating slicing maw of god itself rending plants and the earth to barren soil. Two flies with everything he has, juking to adjust his trajectory and flies into the hole, that Oregano never finished digging. With a porch rattling kathwump Two wedges himself hard enough to invoke a solid hurt on his hips.


Hey You runs up behind Two and decides to take a flying kick into Two’s bottom, trying to kick him through the lattice but only manages in invoking all the more pain for Two.

“no seriously ow”

Two tries to kick back just as Oregano runs up and grabs at him, trying to pull Two back inside. Two relaxes and Hey You pushes with all he has while Oregano tugs and with a yelp and a pop Two pops through the lattice.

“Here is food, I’m going to go sit in the corner and cry” says Two before he limp hops deep in as the great rumbling grows in volume.