Spurs Jimmying & Jangling 6

The team all “come too” prone in the dirt, surrounded by scrap metal and other debris scattering out from the blast epicenter. They are all stunned, shocked, and partially deafened.

“moop” sounds JJ

“Good job team!” says Mr Barker

“What about dirty mops?” Says JJ

“Maybe we should lay off the dynamite” offers up JJ

“and one vote for maybe a short nap” groans Harriette

Mr. Basil Barker tries to encourage the team to move but the squishy members of the team are in need of help. After helping them all line up Mr Basil E Barker works at tending to the wounded and patches up the team very well.

The team study the pip boy map and realize the first camp they went to was the middle one, this one to the north, and the third down in a souther area of the railroad tracks. They decide they don’t want to follow the tracks down and risk running into the “backup” that was re-occupying the first camp. They head back to the road along goodsprings and head southwards. Alongside the road, just to the east they see some radscorps. The team decides to go around to the west from the road.

As they wander to give a wide berth they find what seems to be a small campsite by a old world water source and pipes. The camp has no people in it but they do discover it’s currently home to some gecos! The territorial beasts charge!

JJ actually asks this time, demanding the bot’s knife now, unto which Mr Barker hands it over.

Hariette readies her pistol but takes just a moment to look longingly at the fireplace.

“That will be your reward when we git this cleaned up” says mr Barker

Harriette unloads a round carefully, catching it in it’s open mouth and popping the top of it’s head right off, crumpling it on the ground.

The two remaining geckos charge in hard at Harriette and JJ, uninterested in the robot. Mr Barker uses this to search the camp and find himself a thing of Cram

JJ takes a hard swipe at the second gecko catching it’s ribs deep with a critical hit and gets it bleeding.

Harriette fires again but the gecko manages to slip out this time

Mr Barker works to start himself up the fire going to cook up the food, working the tinder up. (can you smell what the bot is cooking?)

The gecko’s attack! Harriette dodges but JJ catches a bite to his upper thigh!

Harriette catches the gecko coming at her with a round, getting a gecko with a core short that causes it to falter.

Mr Barker gets that fire going and starts cooking some cram.

JJ takes himself other bite and growls out. He takes a swipe and fumbles hard, almost dropping his knife in the process.

Harriette decides she’s not going to waste the rounds, she steps in and snaps the head of the gecko to the side with the muzzle of her pistol and it collapses to the ground, twitching a bit but not ever getting back up.

Mr Barker decides to swoop in, and does so full force, throwing his large frame down onto the last gecko. He crushes the Gecko like roadkill. Mr Barker sits back up and the roadkill slides down a little but is a bit stuck to him. JJ picks it off of his robot companion and tries to salvage it but can’t get anything out of it. He manages to get a gecko pelt out of another though.

JJ cooks himself up a cutlet he gets from another and then returns the knife to mr barker. Harriette enjoys some cooked spam. Harriette writes down the location in her pipboy

After a bit they decicde to head out, heading to the camp.

They come up, seeing the camp well in advance. There is no coverings now, it’s an open camp with a campfile and some tents. The team is a bit far away and cant see much more but a few people. They try to put a plan together to approach as the sun starts to get close to dusk.

Mr Basil E Barker decides he’s going to go in and give them the razzle dazzle, and give the rest the cover to sneak around and flank them, then they can aim, then aim again, then aim more, and sneak attack shoot them all. He scurries up rapidly to the Powder Gangers, he realizes they are not the gangers from before and slides up, slowing down as he comes up. They all come to their feet as he approaches. cautiously taking arms as he approaches and stares him downt he whole time.

“Greetings I am the performance bot 1000. Please deposit one bottle camp for entertainment.” He says as he extends a pincher.

The gangers seem a bit befuddled, two highly on guard while the other two shrug it off. Soon enough one fishes out a cap and hands it to Mr Barker. In a mechanical whirr and manner he slides the cap back and drops it in his chases. At this point he breaks out into song, performing Easy Living by Billie Holiday from the radio. He whirrs and does a mechanical dance alongside it, really hamming it up. Most all the gangers turn in and watch, enjoying the cheap show.

JJ slips out, giving a wide maw and eyeballs himself just shy of 150 ways, pushing into the dirt and takes aim with his 9mm

Harriette slips all around to the back, working all around to the back and side of them, sneaking behind a tent.

She sees there is four of them, the closest to one the least interested in the show but the rest are all still around the fire and watching Mr Barker do his song.

Each and every one sits and waits for the song to end with Mr Barker mechanically sweating every moment of it.

The credits are rolling and the bot is singing.