Rad Rabbit Raid 10

Months have passed and things have changed. Hey You has a family, Two is a well member of the guard, even Oregano has spent his time dried up.

However now Two, Mint, & Oregano are once again being called into the king’s chambers, however the King is not there, only the queen!

“I need this to be held in the upmost secrecy but the king has gone missing. Ever since the loss of Marcus he took that really hard, really really hard. All the news about the humans and the monsters has been rough. He’s been working a lot with his advisors to try to find a solution to the warren without moving us since we are blocked in for space. A warren without a king is dangerous. I know Hey You is indisposed and maybe it’s all for the better but I’ve brought you another scout. He was top of his class at the hoplight academy and I feel he could be a great asset as you go to look for the king.”

At that point Two and Thundar, the new scout hit it off.

“Do you have a memory span better than 3 seconds?” Asks two.

“Do you?” snaps back Thundar.



“Why don’t we just replace the king?” says Mint.

“Yea the king is dead long live the king” says Oregano.

“I didn’t vote for him!” shouts Mint.

The queen glares at all of them deep daggers. There is a deep pause as all contemplate how much longer they would like to live.

“Do we have a clue as to where he went asks Two.

“All I know about this is last I know the advisors were talkign with him about working with one of the other warrens of the forrest to try and get help sharing food and resources. We don’t think negotations were going well as they often don’t do.” offers the queen.

“Did the king go tot he other warren?” asks mint

“We don’t think he did. That would be an insanely risky thing to do, execially without his guards”

“Well why is he gone” asks Oregano

“Well if we knew that we wouldn’t be asking you would we!” Shereaks back the queen.

“My queen? do I really have to go with them?” Asks Thundar

“You’re welcome to go look for your dad yourself

“Thundar, trust me on this one…” starts the queen

“Well if we have no leads I have no idea what you want us to do” mutters Oregano

“I just gave you a lead!!”

Oregano however is not amused and manages to offend just about everyone else in the room and get everyone beheaded before the Queen finally throws them all out of the chamber.

However everyone else actually wants to find the king. Two wants to go talk to the guards and Thundar joins him while Mint & Oregano go talk to the advisors.

Oregano shouts out about it, making a bit of a scene before everyone pulls them in. Everyone is on ends about thew whole deal. The advisors tell them they were working with the Arclight warren from the forrest and trying all these different solutions but after a frustrating evening he’s vanished. They have been searching as much as they can on the down low but finally have decided it’s time to put together a team.

Oregeno digs further and finds out the arclight had scouts in but they were asked to leave without details after the king went missing.

Oregano wants a headcount but the advisors mention that would be super hard without the king

Oregano does not buy this at all. He digs in and realizes that they are all nervous and picking and choosing their words. Mint works her rapport and tries to get more from them.

Alucard warms up to Mint a lot. “I’m telling you all I can really say. He was so stressed out about all this negotiations, we were just trying to do what is best for the warren and keep everyone alive. His main priority has always been his bunnies. and his wife, that bunny wheeeew.” At that point he shuts down talking about that frightening queen.

Two and Thundar then roll up to the guard quarters, everyone playing sticks and stones. Two gets in for a round and gets a good tie with the other rabbit. Two comes right out with it and asks who was on guard for when the king went missing. Everyone kinda goes quiet and the atmosphere gets a bit tense. Two goes to one of his friends “Jimmy” and talks to him on the side, without Thundar after a careful look. He lets him know that Sunflower and Tulip were watching after the king, and those are big berly buns who don’t screw around. They have been grilled nonstop and they are in the water deep. They swear the queen and king were in the chamber and they were watching ti carefully. He must have taken a secret chamber.

Two asks about the scouts but nobody knows who was on scout, or at least Jimmy doesn’t.

Everyone meets up in a room but the paranoid Oregano looks about. However Thundar notices one of the queens hand-madens is about. Thundar calls her over super openly. She hops over with a big smile and nods, responding in kind and super casually. Thundar tries to check her for signs of twitchy or suspicious. He stares her down but the handmaden smiles back, she has her ears back and isn’t really giving off much tells. The more he looks the more he notices she’s almost too cool. She’s the kind that could probably bluff a fox into eating grass.

Oregano calls out Thundar to offer her up, and Thundar himself tries to charm her. She just gives a warm smile and rejects him politely if not very arrogantly. Mint gives her the polite tell of and she gives Mint the most condescendingly polite “Hmmmm I suppose.. Hmmm” and then hops off.

The team catches each other up what they have learned and try to talk out how the king got out somewhere. They talk about searching the King & Queen’s chambers but can’t imagine how they would get access to that after pissing off the Queen. Mint flips through her mental bunidex she knows a bun, who she helped heal his kid, and his wife’s cousin’s roommates is one fo the buns that helps tidies the chambers. She notes she has to ask them soon, she is really sure her name is Wallnut, or something like that.